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Her Corner is a community of women business owners dedicated to growing our companies and working together to get there. We believe in the power of collective intelligence which has no boundaries.

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Are you a woman business owner with an existing business looking to scale your business? As a Her Corner member, you’ll gain access to our proven methodology for growing companies.

In these uncertain times, we invite you to be part of a unique educational community, among a network of dynamic entrepreneurs, across hundreds of industries – from consulting to food & beverage, fitness, technology, consumer goods, creative services – and more.

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If you’re a relatively new but savvy business owner looking to get your business off the ground and/or formalize business processes.

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  • Revenue: Typically 50 – 200k/year
  • Size (Full-time Employees): Between 1 and 10
  • Experience: Younger Business
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  • Membership Length: 2 Years Average
  • Initial Fee: $ 199
  • Monthly Cost: $ 99
  • Monthly Cost with Coaching: $ 0


I am a business owner operating effectively but looking to learn how to take my business to the next level and earn some more mullah!

Is This You?
  • Revenue: Typically > 200k/year
  • Size (Full-time Employees): Between 1 and 20
  • Experience: Established Business
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  • Membership Length: 3 Years Average
  • Initial Fee: $ 199
  • Monthly Cost: $ 99
  • Monthly Cost with Coaching: $ 0


I am a business owner with an established company grown through implementing Her Corner strategies.

Is This You?
  • Revenue: Typically > one million/year
  • Size (Full-time Employees): 10+
  • Experience: Well Seasoned
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  • Membership Length: 3-5 Years Average
  • Initial Fee: $ 199
  • Monthly Cost: $ 99
  • Monthly Cost with Coaching: $ 0

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Her Corner Live Sessions – we provide a set of productivity and collaboration tools that helps you, your team, and your business stay on top of everything.

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